Goddess Altar Candles

Spell & ritual candles have been used throughout time to focus and direct intent while honoring and evoking the divine. This collection of Goddess Altar Candles was created as a way to honor the feminine and call upon the Goddesses to give strength, power, and blessings to your intentions. Each candle was created to honor an individual Goddess and evoke her for the strengths and guardianship she is known for.

The Goddesses in this collection include:

Freya: Nordic Goddess of love & war

Atargatis: Syrian Goddess of the moon & waters

Lilith: Sumarian Goddess of light & dark. 

Flora: Goddess of flowers & springtime

Gaia: Mother Earth, the Goddess of all Goddesses

Hecate: Greek Goddess of dark moon, magic, healers & witches

Selene: Roman Goddess of the Moon


The candles in this collection are unscented paraffin wax and are un-dressed; meaning no herbs, oils or crystals have been infused in them. Candles are 8 inches tall and 2 inches wide. 

Each candle has a back label that provides history and details on the Goddess chosen as well as instructions on dressing your candle and creating an offering. 

  • $26.00
  • $26.00