Tumbled Amethyst | 5 Crystals

This unique light purple tumbled amethyst stone comes from Brazil. With a purchase you receive 5 amethysts in a bag. Color, size, and shape may slightly vary.

Crystals and minerals are used for a variety of purposes, one being energy healing which can often involve the use of crystals and minerals positioned geometrically on crystal grids. If a stone's energy and chemical composition resonates with you in a particular way, then we believe at Agave Moon to use it for whatever healing or ritual purpose seems most positive and influential.

🌎 At Agave Moon, our collection of crystals and minerals only come from North and South America in an effort to keep our carbon footprint down. As our collection expands, we hope to provide more options from North America. Thank you for shopping and supporting our eco-conscious boutique! 

  • $10.00