Wild Women's Purification Soap

Essential oils of juniper berry, thyme, rosemary and lavender offer their deeply cleansing, truly purifying magic.


Sometimes you need to wash something negative away. Sometimes you need to prepare for something special. Sometimes you need to feel purified and new.  Purification soap brings this experience to your steamy shower.  Wild Women Soaps original 100% pure essential oil blend was created to bring resonant cleansing of body, mind, and soul.  Purification is formulated with skin-loving olive oil and the anti-microbial nature of the essential oils makes this soap especially beneficial to sensitive, combination and breakout-prone skin.  State your intention, breathe in the plant essences of juniper berry, thyme, rosemary, and lavender, feel the Purification begin…

Wild Women Soaps are 4.5 oz. (approx.) and hand-cut, please enjoy the slight variance in size and shape.

Extend the life of hand-made soap by storing it in a well-draining dish. 

Ingredients:  olive oil, coconut oil, distilled water, palm oil, sodium hydroxide, castor bean oil, fragrance, and vitamin E oil.


Handmade in Arizona

  • $5.50